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Android Animations Using Lottie

Animations, Differently

Developer's Digest: Revisited

The Developer's Digest...ive System

DevFestZA: Bringing Your Android Application To Life Using Animations (Part 2)

My first talk on Android, but this time with some handy links.

DevFestZA: Bringing Your Android Application To Life Using Animations (Part 1)

My first talk on Android.

Spooktober: Git Horror Story

Since it is the month of all things spooky, I thought it would be a good idea to post one of my scary experiences while developing, to get into the mood of Spooktober.

Name A More Iconic Duo... I'll Wait.

Think of an icon as a brand image for your application. An app icon is a visual representation of your application. It appears on the user's home screen of their mobile device and in the app store.

Theming Your Android App.

Theming your android app might be quite of a task if you don't have an eye for design and color combination. It's much easier when you are placed on a project that has designs created by a UI/UX designer.

Android Views: Peek-A-Boo

Android view attributes define how an element looks like, such as it's height, width, and color. Think of them as metadata for views.

GDG Johannesburg: IWD Women TechMakers

A Developer's Diet

What are devs eating lately?

Nevertheless, Pabi Coded

I began/continue to code because...